Access Control

Access control - ensuring the right people can get to the right area at the right time. More than just security, our systems protect organisations from both internal and external threats, with the flexibility to change the access rights instantaneously.

Our systems are designed to suit your requirements, not ours. If you only need a single keypad, that’s all you get. If you need a centrally-programmable online multi-site system, we can do that too.

What credential technology do you need?

Keypads and PINs are simple, and therefore inexpensive, but you can never tell when your security is breached until it's too late.

With a proximity fob system, replacing a fob is simple, quick and inexpensive, but there is still the possibility of an authorised fob being shared with an unauthorised person.

You can eliminate that possibility by using a fingerprint scan system, and you will save money by not needing to purchase any additional fobs, although the initial capital outlay is greater.

We can advise you on which solution is right for your organisation.

Biometric Access

Fingerprint Scanners from ievo

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Proximity Fobs

Networked access control

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Digital Locks

Mechanical or electronic

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