Burglar Alarms in Portsmouth

Can you really trust a kit you bought online?

Do you really need to pay a monthly fee for monitoring?

We can offer everything you need to secure your property in one place with our burglar alarms in Portsmouth. We provide a wide range of different sensors and sirens depending on what you are looking for, including pet-tolerant movement detectors. Our alarm installation and maintenance service covers Portsmouth and all the surrounding areas.

With our Visonic Powermaster systems, each intruder alarm is designed around your home, and your requirements. We don’t tell you to install a detector in every room. We don’t insist you buy a maintenance contract.

If your system detects an intruder, it contacts you via an alert on your smartphone, not a monitoring station.

With the free app installed on your phone, you can check the system status, and if your system includes cameras built into the movement detectors, you can check the camera images, to see if there really is an intruder - if there is, you call the police, if there's not, reset the system.

It's that simple, and it saves you money.

What's more, Powermaster talks to you in English. If a fault develops, your system tells you what the problem is, and which detector is at fault - it will say "Lounge, low battery" for example, rather than "Zone 2, Fault 4" which leaves you none-the-wiser.

Powermaster is a wireless system, so it takes less than a day to install an alarm in Portsmouth, we don't have to drill through walls, and run cables all over the house. Far less hassle than a traditional wired system! All we need is to be able to connect to the mains electricity and your broadband – and if you don't have broadband, we can install a device to allow the system to use the mobile phone network.

We can even include smoke and gas monitors in the system, for a convenient yet secure home security solution.

Systems start at less than £600, with no monthly maintenance or monitoring charges.
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