Door Entry

Door Entry Systems are typically used in blocks of flats or offices to allow the user to identify visitors at a locked communal door, without having to physically go to the door to do so.

Systems fall into three categories; audio, where the user has a telephone handset to talk to the visitor, and video which also incorporates a camera and monitor screen. Both of these systems use dedicated cabling to connect the door station to the individual flats or offices.

The third type uses mobile phone technology to connect the door station to the individual users’ existing landline or mobile phone.

When a visitor arrives at the communal door, they either press the button which relates to the user they have come to visit, or with larger systems, they need to type in the flat or office number before the internal handset reacts.

We can also integrate keypads and proximity access control into door entry panels.

As well as installing new & replacement systems, we are specialist in repairing existing systems. We can maintain door entry intercom systems from most major manufacturers.