Emergency Call-Out Service

If you’ve ever experienced that sinking feeling  when you realise you can’t find your keys, you’ll also remember the relief of seeing help arrive.  Even in the middle of the night, or over holiday periods, our emergency call out team are ready to react.

 We always prefer to use non-destructive means of opening a door. To help us, we have access to a wide range of specialist tools, not available to the general public. 

Double Glazing lock repairs

The huge range of double glazing door and window locks is staggering - there are literally thousands to choose from. And it's not as simple to change as with a wooden door - with wood you can chisel a bit more wood off, or use some filler if necessary.

This is why using our professional locksmith service is so worthwhile. Our experienced staff are constantly carrying out work like this, so we know to avoid the common pitfalls, and your job is completed faster.

We've got a wide range of replacement parts in stock, including locks from all the major manufacturers, as well as handles, strike plates and an excellent range of window mechanisms and spares, too. You can rely on us to solve your problem quickly.

Showroom & Workshop

There isn't a larger dedicated showroom and workshop in the city - we have thousands of different keyblanks in stock, and have a dozen machines to cut them on, including the latest computer-linked technology to ensure, as far as possible, that keys are cut right first time.

The showroom is packed full of the all the common locks you might need, and a fair number of rare ones too - including locks for wood, aluminium, uPVC and composite doors - and if we don't have what you need on the shelf, we can normally order it in for you within a few days.