Smart Homes

Home automation was once the realm of the super-rich, soap stars and premiership footballers. Fibaro has changed that. By using the wireless Z-Wave network, smart homes are within reach of everyone. We no longer need to spend weeks rewiring your entire house, installations now take a day or so, with system programming being carried out by logical commands.

Fibaro saves you money.

By tracking your mobile phone, it knows when you have left for work, so it can shut down your heating system, and only turn it back on when it recognises you are on your way home. If a room is unoccupied, there’s no point spending money heating it - so Fibaro shuts off the heating in that room only, leaving the radiators on in the other rooms. But as soon as someone enters - Fibaro turns the heating back on again. By analysing your lights, it only sends sufficient power to the bulbs to keep your eyes thinking that they are fully illuminated - anything above that is wastedFibaro can be set to ensure all the lights are off when it senses you have set the alarm system - so there’s no wasted electricity. Who hasn’t left home and forgotten to lock the doors? Now your home can remind you, preventing a burglary. Is there an unexpected rain shower, but your windows are open? No problem, Fibaro can close the windows for you.

Fibaro links with virtually any device, including Nest and Sonos.

Just a few years ago, we thought smartphones were a neat idea, but we didn’t see what they’d be used for. Now? A huge number of people rely on them.

Fibaro will update itself and monitor itself, and can even tell you when your home appliances are failing. Fibaro is about more than just improving your day-to-day comfort and safety. Fibaro is future home technology, today.

In ten year’s time, you’ll wonder how we lived without it.

You can do virtually anything with our Fibaro systems - if you want it done, we’ll accomplish it.

Intruder Alarm systems, using Motion Sensors, Door & Window Sensors and internal and external sirens. Smoke Alarm systems, using Smoke Sensors and internal sirens. Flood Alarm systems, using Flood Sensors and internal sirens. Gas Alarm systems, using CO & CO2 sensors, sirens.

All our home automation systems can be programmed to send a notification to a mobile phone anywhere in the world, and by linking in security cameras, you can check for false alarms before taking action.

Heating just the way you want it.

By linking Motion Sensors to Radiator Valves, you can create control over each individual room in your home.

By turning the heating down a couple of degrees in unoccupied rooms, you can seriously reduce your heating bills.

Working late? Your system can track your location, and only turn the heating back on when you leave work. Why waste money running your boiler when you’re not even at home?

Many utility companies are giving away power usage monitors, but with most of them, you can’t narrow down what is using the power. Using the Home Center’s  Power Management panel, coupled with Dimmer Modules, Wall Plugs and RGBW Controllers, you can see exactly where your electricity is being used. And that will let you see what is being wasted.

Your Home Center knows where you are, by tracking the GPS location of your smartphone. So when your system knows there's no-one at home, it can be programmed to lock the doors, set the alarm, turn off the heating. On warmer days, you might want to leave a window open, so it can do that too. Or you might want the system to send you a notification to check. You can always close the windows from your phone if you want.

When your system sees you're not in the country, you can randomly turn lighting on and off at night - fooling potential burglars into thinking there's someone at home.

On your way home, your system can turn the heating back on, giving you a lovely warm cosy home to return to in the winter, with lights on, and your favourite music playing.

Energy saving, money saving, security, comfort. Without having to lift a finger. And you can keep track of the kids without them knowing it!

Proud of your garden? Fibaro can set up an automated schedule to water your garden, saving you the effort.

But more than that, Fibaro connects to Yahoo Weather, so it can delay watering when rain is forecast, it can reduce the water used in cooler weather, but increase it when it’s hot, or even cancel watering when it's recently been raining. Whilst you sit back and admire.

Your Fibaro Home Center knows when it's dusk & dawn, and with light level sensors built into the Motion Detector, it can tell exactly how light or dark it is outside.

By linking to specialist controllers, your Smart Home system can automatically draw the curtains and blinds for you, either throughout the house, or in individual rooms, and turn the lights on for you, without you having to lift a finger.

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